Odd Hobbies Around the World

Most people have hobbies as a way of keeping themselves entertained or the mind busy. They’re good ways to keep occupied, to push boredom aside. Most of the time, they’re also a passion or a pursuit that provides a positive feeling for the hobbyist.


Then there are the times when the hobby seems just plain strange to outsiders.


Now, sometimes the hobbies aren’t that strange. For instance, someone who enjoys gutter cleaning Perth can likely make a decent living out of it. Or they just get a well-maintained gutter system for their home, and possibly those of their neighbours.


In fact, some people in maintenance jobs like handyman roles or cleaning gutters. They start out learning things on their own, perhaps as a hobby, before they become professionals.


However, there are also others out there that are much stranger.


For example, there is one man in London whose hobby is appearing in the background during a newscast. Whenever possible, he’ll show up in the background crowd of a recorded or live broadcast. He seems to enjoy watching himself on TV, even if doesn’t do anything but stand there.


Somewhere in Taiwan is a Buddhist devotee who has made a hobby of tattooing various vehicles. He takes multiple tools and inks Buddhist prayers and sutras (chant-like prayers meant for specific purposes or as aids in meditation) on cars, bikes, and the like. It’s odd, but also slightly artistic.


Some people love to groom dogs.


Now, much like gutter work and home maintenance, grooming dogs can be an enjoyable hobby. There are many ways you can turn this into a career. If you’re skilled, you can do wonders not only for your pet but those of others. People will always pay for the excellent care of their pets.


There are also people who make a hobby of riding roller coasters.


This hobby is a lot easier if you live near an amusement park, or have the means to travel around from place to place with little trouble. This can be an exciting hobby because that’s how roller coasters work. However, be prepared to spend a lot of time waiting in line.


As you can see, some people just have strange hobbies. Some of them are understandable, but there are also odd ones. After all, this is a world where people can choose to play dead and set up deaths as a hobby. Why not have a few other odd ones to go with it?

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