Odd Hobbies Around the World

Most people have hobbies as a way of keeping themselves entertained or the mind busy. They’re good ways to keep occupied, to push boredom aside. Most of the time, they’re also a passion or a pursuit that provides a positive feeling for the hobbyist.   Then there are the times when the hobby seems just …Read More

The Risks of the Urbex Hobby

    There’s a lot of risks you take when your hobby is urban exploration.   First, let me break down what urban exploration is, so you get a clearer picture. Urbex (as some kids like to call it) is just you with some gear, most likely a high-quality camera, looking at abandoned buildings and …Read More

Finding the Best Hobbies

Is going to you be buying way to add zest to your lifestyle? There are many hobbies surrounding all of us every day. There are craft hobbies, extreme interests, fun hobbies, world hobbies and interests, great hobbies, action hobbies and interests. Hobbies include the familiar, the unusual or unusual, unique and popular. It can be …Read More